Sunday, October 2018


Q4. 2017

Company registration.

CryptoDiamond.Tech Ltd company founded in 25. Dec. 2017.

The company was founded with a startup capital of $2,000,000.

Q1. 2018

System Build Up:  Development of the concept and business plan.

Elaboration of CDT platform legal model in various jurisdictions.

Q2. 2018

Development of a partnership model in CDT ecosystem. Trade enquiries.
Start of the platform development. Start of ecosystem formation (more than 10 partners). Preparation for Bounty Campaign and ICO.

Q3-Q4. 2018 1. Phase

We have started the Online Investment Platform and the CDT Token Pre-Pre ICO.     

Boulding The invest Platform Community.

Bounty Campaign launch for Early Investors .

Token Sale preparation.

Development of a smart contract and White Paper for CDT token release.

CDT Token Privat-Sale.

Q1. 2019  2. Phase

Creation of a New Dedicated Website.

Start KYC Verification.

Start of the Token Pre-Sale.

Start of CDT Wallet functionality development.

Development the next generation of Cryptocurrency Exchange and Trading Platform.

The platform integration with Ethereum blockchain.


Q2. 2019. 3. Phase

Development of CDT blockchain control subsystem.  Release of platform’s beta version.

CDT tokens listing on 3 major cryptocurrency exchanges.

CDT Mobile app development and CDT web application development.

Q3. 2019  4. Phase

Token Sale finish, Tokens emission, unlocking and distribution.

Burning of unsold coins.